Friday, May 16, 2014

Helen Frankenthaler In Real Life

My growing obsession with the work of mid-century abstract painter Helen Frankenthaler (see here for a previous post featuring myriad utterly stunning paintings) was fueled considerably by visiting a show of her work Bernard Jacobson Gallery when I was in New York the other week. It was a small show in an intimate gallery space--just eight pictures, all of which are represented here (though my poor photographs really don't do their luminous colors justice at all). I made a special trip at the end of my day of meetings, in the rain, to this rather hidden away second-floor spot on the Upper East Side, and it was well worth it. Being in the small room with them, all glowing away as they do--most especially the large canvases that bookend the top and the bottom of this post--was pure magic.

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