Tuesday, September 30, 2014

On Being Able to See

Over the summer I got prescription sunglasses. I need glasses only for distance. And like many blue-eyed people I need sunglasses whenever I step outdoors. Prescription sunglasses that would let me actually see things in focus more than a handful of yards ahead of me while I'm out in the world were an entirely logical thing to acquire. And yet, life being what it is, I'd had the acquisition of them on my to-do list quite literally for years. So, at long last, I finally did get them, and it's changed my life a little bit. Not only did I find exactly the frames I wanted (which to my eye are so impossibly chic I hardly can believe it's dorky old me who gets to wear them), but, more profoundly, my experience of walking through the world has subtly changed: I can read the signs and see the leaves on the trees and the expressions on people's faces. Everything looks crisp and amazing and I find I'm more likely to register and appreciate the beauty of the world around me. It's pretty cool. So this post is really just an ode to these here sunglasses, with a bonus item at the bottom showing Mabel trying on all my old pairs of sunglasses that we found in a drawer.

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