Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Taking the Show on the Road

The other weekend I packed up my wheelie suitcase full of books, took Bart out (way way out) to Pleasant Hill, and gave a talk to the east bay chapter of the California Writer's Club. It was funny because it was kind of a reverse-a-quake version of the talk I gave at the ICON illustration conference over the summer--both were introductions to visual publishing, just that one was for illustrators and this one was for writers. So when I talked to the illustrators I'd say something like "you might work collaboratively with a writer" when I talked to the writers I said "you might work collaboratively with an illustrator." Of course there are lots of differences between the two crafts and their respective ways of thinking about and making books, but as far as helpful info I can offer to each goes, it's kind of just two sides of the same ball of wax. And I really enjoy what I do and the kinds of books I work on, and they're a kind of book that not everyone thinks about when they imagine being an author, so it's fun to feel like I really do have something perhaps new and perhaps useful to offer people when I'm chattering away at them.

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