Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Long-Continuing Poem Series on the Subject of the Spring of 2006 Carries On

April 25, 2006
We bought plants for our house over the weekend too

and they’ve been making us quite gleeful ever since
Three small bushy geraniums
fuchsia red pink
to go in the window on the sideboard
and replace the very sad little twigs
that were languishing there
cuttings we took from the garden a year ago
that refused to ever branch out
and would only sprout leaves from their very tops
and had recently stopped doing even that
They were kind of depressing truly
and these new ones are so chic and happy looking
Plus two small succulents which we potted in teacups
and put on the sunniest window ledge in the living room
where they are pretty much the sweetest things ever

image source is here

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