Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Long-Running Poem Series About the Spring of 2006 Continues Today on Poetry Thursday Thus

April 24, 2006
On Saturday we went for drive with mama

down the peninsula
to a nursery to buy plants
then on to a late lunch in one of our favorite little towns
and coming part of the way back home on highway one
We saw many things

the very green hillsides and views of hillsides that kept cropping up
white egrets standing at the edges of the very full reservoirs and marshes

the pleasantly muggy interior of this nursery that seemed to go on and on
with flowers forming blankets of nearly solid color
impatiens, geraniums, hydrangeas, marigolds
red, gold, pink, yellow
stretching as far as you could see

warm sourdough bread
velvety artichoke soup
and a crab melt for lunch
followed by the best blueberry pie

the ocean stretching away in the sun
toward a knife-edge horizon
and the waves and the cliffs on the coast

image source is here

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