Friday, October 9, 2015

1000th Post

Guys! I can hardly believe it: today marks the 1000th post on Pippa's Cabinet! That's 200 Polaroid Mondays, 200 Inspiration Tuesdays, 200 Publishing Wednesdays, 200 Poetry Thursdays, and 200 Art Fridays. This seems to me frankly unbelievable. I feel like it was just the other day I came back to work after maternity leave and decided to start a blog to bridge my personal and professional interests. But, oh, hmm, considering my kid is five years old now, I guess it has indeed been a while.

Above is my attempt to make a celebratory number "1000" out of art books. I'm not entirely sure it's working. But hey, that's actually what I've loved about blogging all along--you can try out random things, fail to be perfect, get creative in odd ways that maybe no one will care about but maybe someone will. And it just keeps chugging along. So, yeah, here's to the next 1000! And in the meantime, have a lovely weekend y'all!

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