Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Non-Gender-Normative Legos: The Third Ten

This world I adore just continues to expand. For previous posts in the series (plus explanation as to what the heck this is) see here and here.

Above: identical twins who are married to identical twins go to family therapy 

The astronaut, the alien, and their baby pose for a family portrait

Excited for their first day of Ostentatious Masculinity Deprogramming Camp

Tough lady rock star is backed up by useless hot guys with tambourines

The all-girl reboot of the Village People

Greedo and Han share a tender moment

These two preforming artists--the mime and the opera diva--are in a healthy, mature relationship with a minimum of drama

Middle-aged suburban woman is a fencing instructor

Plus-size supermodel slays the runway

True story: someone left superman/pirate guy on the "free shelf" of my apartment building--and he is so happy to be united with his true people

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