Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Home Style Quiz

If you enjoy a) thinking about home interiors from time to time, and b) quizzes (and who does not?!) then you will enjoy this thing. Above, a single-question home quiz from Apartment Therapy that determines your entire style personality. So fun! Just choose the one you like best. For me, that is clearly #D (as can be seen in the photo of our living room just below -- hobnail sofa + butterfly chair? come on, they've got us pegged!), which makes me an Eclectic Collector. Apparently this means means I "like to mix up different elements to create a stylish mish-mash that reflects your unique point of view." Well, yes. Right on the nose, quiz people. The rest of the answers are here. What are you?

Originaly seen via Cup of Joe.
If you want to see the rest of our apartment it's here

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