Monday, October 5, 2015

Birthday Party Balloons

With everything else that needed doing and celebrating, I did not have the wherewithal (side note about that word--I always thought it was pronounced WHEREwithal, but I once worked with a guy who very confidently pronounced it whereWITHal, and though I'm pretty sure he was mistaken I now tend to think, and sometimes even say, his version) to take the polaroid camera to the park for Mabel's fifth birthday party. Instead I took her photo when we got home from the party, with the balloons she very clearly envisioned ahead of time, and very carefully picked out at the party store to match her vision, and very firmly directed me as to where to put them at the party to draw everyone's attention to the fact that this was the spot where the party was happening. It was, if I do say so myself, a good party, at least in the most important factor, namely that she loved it. Not a great photo though. But if you squint you can glimpse a trace of the happy, exhausted post-party smile.


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