Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Non-Gender-Normative Legos: The Second 10

And we're back! With the second installment of the #nongendernormativelegos project. For a complete explanation of what and why this is, as well as the first ten images in the series, you can go here. Since the time of that first post we've gotten a bunch more little people to play with and at least one human being has told me my production values have improved. But I remain the only person in the universe using this hashtag. The world of these particular little folks remains my own personal fiefdom, at least for now.

Above: Cross-dressing cosplay guy watches the game with his bros

The furry and the carpenter have bought their first home together

Working mother wakes up from a good night's sleep

Weapons expert goes handbag shopping

Hollywood starlet stops off for a slice on her way to the red carpet

Throwback hippy dad cheers on his sporty skater daughter

The sorority girl and the goth girl are getting married

We love a parade! Happy pride!

BFFs tough girl and sissy boy play golf

Brothers Rock and Jock go for a walk by the dock and have a good talk

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