Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Just Lately on the Chronicle Books Blog

Allow me to direct your attention to a couple of recent great posts over on the Chronicle Books Blog about books I edited. First up, this article, about the latest new volumes in the wildly beloved 642 series--642 Tiny Things to Draw (my baby) and 642 Tiny Things to Write About (edited by a pal of mine)--and the scientific connections between doodling and memory (something that, as a person who chronically doodles in meetings, I've long been proselytizing, but which seems recently to be catching on and gaining greater currency in the wider world). And then there's this piece, written by our Design Director Michael Carabetta, about the reissue of legendary designer Paul Rand's Thoughts on Design and all the exciting festivities that have been going on around the re-release of the book (after 40 years out of print) and the centenary of Rand's birth. I heartily recommend both pieces for your reading enjoyment.

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