Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Paris Day 4

On our fourth day in Paris we walked down along the Seine (where we spotted the above gorgeous piece of street art) to the Jardins des Plantes. This entire day is the perfect example of something I would almost certainly never have done without a kid along, but that I am so very glad I did do as it was quite amazing on all fronts. We strolled through the gardens; visited the adorably antiquated zoo (the antiquated-ness of which would surely have disturbed me much more, were not my ethical capacities paralyzed by the ridiculous adorableness, both of the structures and of the absurdly cute, friendly, and curious Red Panda that we all three wanted to sneak home in our luggage as a pet--and we don't even like pets!); hung out in the Grande Galerie de l'Evolution--a natural history museum housed in a huge old open grand hall full of a vast parade of taxidermy animals and with a super-duper modern and cool ever-changing light display integrated within the Victorian wrought iron; and Mabel rode for the first time ever all by herself on a carousel--the carousel of extinct and endangered animals, to be specific. In the afternoon, after rest time back at the apartment, we found ourselves to be tired so we just went out for tea and cake.

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