Thursday, July 2, 2015

Next Up in the Continuing Poem Saga About the Summer of 2006 Comes This

June 20, 2006
I saw a funny thing today that I don’t know what it was

A cardboard cut-out hanging on a string from a telephone wire
shaped in such a way that the wind caught it and it spun round and round
It was a picture of a little fat pale green cartoon bird with a human skull for a face

Was it intentional?
It seemed so
In which case was it art?
Or some sort of secret message
like how the shoes over the wires supposedly indicate drugs?
Or was it the result of some sort of bizarre accident involving
an art student flinging a piece of work into the air?
And if by any chance that was the case why was it flung?
anger? glee?
So many questions

I also have this vague nagging feeling that I’ve seen something like it before
Sometime in the medium distant past like maybe near Bill’s old house?
A different size and shape and style and color
but something that hung and spun in the same seemingly-deliberate arty way
I take the fact that I can’t quite remember as an indication
that I have no slot in my brain for such items
no category under which to file the memory since
not only do I not know what this thing is or what to call it
but I almost don’t know whether or not to believe my perception of it

That’s what they say about the uncanny too
that weird things
coincidences, synchronicities, odd moments we can’t explain
happen pretty often and may even strike us at the time
but that we almost immediately forget about them because
we have no category to lump them in with or account for them under
Or anyway so they say

image source is here

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