Friday, July 31, 2015

Tree Change Dolls

Oh my goodness, how much do I love this? So so so much! Artist Sonia Singh has created Tree Change Dolls by taking horribly sexist tramped-up fashion dolls and transforming them into dolls that look more or less like actual little girls. Genius! The excessive gendering, and even sexualization, of children's products is an enormous bee in my personal bonnet (it's what gave birth to my own Non-Gender-Normative Legos project, as seen here and here) (and just for one of a million examples, I just had to buy Mabel a "girls" backpack--because, what? girls have different backs than boys? but it was that or one with a design of military camouflage made up of sharks eating dinosaurs, or some such). Anyway. This is clearly a huge issue and one I cannot hope to deal with in all its enormity and complexity here today--but it does just make me so very happy when someone takes it upon herself to address some of these matters in a creative way, as Ms Singh has done. Brought to my attention by My Modern Met. Take a peek--

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