Thursday, July 23, 2015

Another Poem in the Continuing Series About That Long-Ago Summer of 2006

June 23, 2006
This morning when I came in to work

there was a peach
sitting on my desk
with a post-it note
A pal had bought but not eaten it yesterday
and was leaving on vacation so gave it to me
It looks and smells amazing
I am so grateful
Much fuzzier
with an almost white fluff over its mottled skin
than the peaches we had at home this week
The skin is mostly two shades of that classic peachy-pink-orange
one lighter and more orange
one darker and more red
with a large shadow on one side of red so dark as to be almost purple
and a few funny little streaks of yellow like finger smudges
as well as speckles of paler yellow on the light orange and light red parts
The scent is nearly intoxicating and makes you think
of hot sticky orchards and long grass and bees flying slowly and drunkenly
but at the same time seems somehow fresh and bright and almost green
Now I will eat it

Man it was good
Sugar sugar sugar
sweet like candy

image source is here

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