Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Speaking at the Book Manufacturer's Institute & Catching a Glimpse of Miami

After New York I went to Miami (where you really do find coconuts just lying around on the ground!), for all of about eighteen hours, to speak at the annual conference of the Book Manufacturer's Institute. This is a professional organization of printers, paper-makers, book-binders and other folks who manufacture books. I talked with them about being an art book editor at Chronicle Books, about the powerful alchemy of the book as physical object, and about the values and creative magic it takes to achieve that alchemy. Not only were they a delightful audience, but they also put me up in the extremely swanky hotel where the conference was being held (seriously, you could have fit about five of my nyc hotel room into my Miami hotel room! see below). Before I had to hop back on a plane for home, I had an afternoon to look at some art (coming soon to an Art Friday near you) and see a tiny smidge of the city.

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