Friday, December 1, 2017

The Studio Museum

I'm realizing it will take me a number of weeks to get through the art I saw in NYC. And that is just fine. First up, the Studio Museum In Harlem. What a great museum this was. The current show that most captured my heart was “Fictions”--a new iteration of a series of shows the museum has done, celebrating emerging Black artists with work around a particular theme always beginning with the letter “F” (so past shows have been “Freestyle” “Frequency” “Flow” and “Fore”)--I loved it.

My favorites were the two pieces, above and below, by Amy Sherald.

Coming in a close second favorite were these next four pieces, by Deborah Roberts:

Krista Clark

Texas Isaiah

Allison Janae Hamilton

Christina Quarles

Jazmin Urrea

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