Friday, June 1, 2018

Frieze NY 2018: Colorful

One of my favorite things at Frieze were a family of hotly colorful artworks. There was a particular pallet of  bright purples and neon pinks and sometimes limes and yellows, often contrasted against dark accents, that I saw a lot of. Particularly in abstract works but also some figurative. It’s a bit as if Midcentury Abstract Expressionism and 1980s Memphis/Esprit style had a baby and then invited 60s psychedelia over to babysit. And yet somehow it looks entirely of the now. Not retro or dated at all. Check it out. (previous Frieze post is here. and oh, don't worry, there are more to come)

Above: Ellen Berkenblit

Jules de Balincourt

Sarah Sze

Jean-Luc Moulene

Chris Martin

Matti Braun

Jack Pierson

Bill Jensen

Eddie Peake

Gianni Politi

Andrew Masullo

Ellen Berkenblit

Victoria Morton

Christine Streul

Josh Smith

Zhang Wei

Shara Hughes

Peter Alexander

Rhys Coren

Yinka Shonibare

David Korty

Zhu Jinshi

Clinton Hill

Emma Amos

Julia Rommel

Wanda Koop

Joan Semmel

Frederico Herrero

Judith Linhares

Anthony Iacono

Natela Iankoshvili


Helen Lundeberg

Maria Nepomuceno

Matti Braun

Padraig Timoney
(this painting is titled "The Scrambled Eggs Salute the Trifle" I love that.)

Josh Sperling

Clare Woods

Conna Huanca

Mika Tajima

Tracey Emin

Tracey Emin

Ed Clark

Ed Clark

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