Friday, June 15, 2018

Frieze NY 2018: Assemblages and Objects

Many of the gallery booths at Frieze only have art on the walls, so it’s exciting when 3D things like sculptures, installations, and such come out into the middle of the floor. I noticed a trend towards the grouped or organized or classified cabinet-of-curiosities style of assemblage. And many other marvels. See for yourself!

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Above: Raul de Nieves & Erik Zajaceskowski

Ann Agee

Eva Rothchild

Jorge Pardo

Sarah Sze

Matti Braun

Anna Boghiguian

Kevin Harman

Yuji Agematsu

Nancy Shaver

Tomas Saraceno

Hassan Sharif

Raul de Nieves & Erik Zajaceskowski

Mark Dion

Sarah Sze

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