Monday, April 4, 2011

Reading Baby

Ok, so I will admit that this picture is staged. But not very. On this day, back in January, Mabel and I were sitting on the sofa reading one of her favorite books, Caps for Sale (she loves the part where the peddler gets angry and yells "You monkeys you!" and the monkeys go "Tsz tsz tsz"). She was sitting on my lap and I had the book held out in front of her and she...wait for it...reached out and turned the page! Several times, from right to left, just like you really do. So I propped her up on the sofa with the book to take a memorial Polaroid of this momentous day. Back then she was just learning how to reach out and grab hold of things. These days she grabs all the books we read, firmly and assertively, with a view to inserting their edges and corners into her mouth. So page turning has taken a back seat, for now. But it's nice to know its a skill she has under her belt, for future use.

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