Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Black and White Inspirational People

I save images. Mostly, I use them for Silas & Eppie, a photo-pairing blog I collaborate on with my dad. But sometimes I just look through them for fun. The file they live in is called "inspiration" and everything in it is stuff that makes me feel creative when I'm feeling sluggish, happy when I'm feeling blue, up when I'm down. Sometimes, as I poke around in there, a pattern or grouping that I hadn't seen before will suddenly emerge. 

Like today's collection of images--black and white portraits of mostly vintage, mostly famous, mostly female folks, where I find the person, or the image, or in most cases both to be just wonderfully encouraging.

Only real rules of thumb with this grouping were that I didn't use images I'd already shown you here, and I didn't include any fashion shots or movie stills--those will come another day.

The image sources for most of these are, sadly, lost in the mists of time. Though I can tell you that the Jackie image is by Ron Galella and the Patti Smith image is most likely by Judy Linn.

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