Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mabel's Room on Ohdeedoh

Ok, I fully admit that this is at best only very tangentially related to Wednesday's "publishing" theme. Unless you count the fact that my work published an Apartment Therapy book (which I didn't work on), or unless you want to get into a whole thing about online versus traditional publishing--what constitutes a blog and what an online magazine, where the lines blur and where people get their published content these days. A topic which, some other day, might actually quite interest me. But not today, because today I am too busy being gleefully excited that Mabel's tiny bedroom has been featured on Apartment Therapy's children's site, Ohdeedoh. We're tremendously enamored of this space we made for her--to our eyes it's adorable, and it's also super functional--but on some level I do know that it's pretty bizarre, so having them choose to publish it, and then having such amazing, lovely, and complimentary things said about it in the comments is just wonderfully encouraging. Jaded as I ought to be by now, there really is just something a little bit magic about being published. And, there--I did tie it in to the theme-of-the-day after all!

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