Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nerd Awesome

The other day I mentioned the site My Mom the Style Icon, which is very cool indeed. Another somewhat similar blog that I dearly love is My Parents Were Awesome. Above, and below, a few of my favorites among the many fine images aggregated there.

These, in turn, inspired me to dig out this image, from my own babydom, featuring the awesome fashion of my dad and me circa 1978:

And thinking about the coolness of men's fashion in days of yore reminded me of yet another site--the only men's fashion blog I routinely read--Nerd Boyfriend. If I were a dude I think I would use this constantly for inspiration. Not only do they show amazing images of famous boys of various vintage eras (below: Pele, Yves Saint Laurent, John and George, Sidney Poitier and River Phoenix (!), and Basquiat), they provide links to show today's menfolk where they might purchase similar items in the modern world. Brilliant. 

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