Wednesday, March 28, 2012

In Development

The thing I wanted to talk about today is, I am now realizing, almost impossible to represent in visuals. That thing is the sheer joy and pleasure I derive from the part of my job that consists of developing ideas. Whether its talking through a classic book proposal with an author, artist, or agent; coming up with and then perusing leads for the people and entities we want to be working with; or even entirely building a project from the ground up, I just love being in the midst of making and thinking about one, or a dozen, new book ideas. A couple of tools I use in this process are an "in development" bin for physical materials (just recently transmogrified from an unruly tottering stack to a tidy(ish) labeled bin as part of the glorious desk cleaning effort I documented yesterday), a Word document list for keeping track of all the ideas I'm working on, and an Excel sheet for looking at what's already signed up so as not to cannibalize/conflict/compete with my own other projects.

I must admit that people's work systems facinate me. If you'd like to send me a photo of your own work tools, leave a comment with an email address where I can write and bug you for it.

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