Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Alt Summit!

I'm speaking at Alt Summit in Palm Springs next month! This massive, colorful, design-y conference is one I've long wanted to visit, and now to have the chance to go there as an "Expert Desk" person is pretty keen. Basically this means I'll sit at a desk for ninety minutes, and folks can come chat with me for a few minutes each and pitch me their book ideas. Then I get to swan around Palm Springs for a couple of days oohing and ah'ing at the architecture, listening to all the great speakers, meeting folks and being impressed at what I'm anticipating will be the generally high fashion level of the attendees. The event is a whole week long and absolutely jam-packed with impressive programming, so tickets are not cheap. So while I'm not going to presume to urge anyone to go -- if you do happen to be going maybe I'll see you there!

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