Thursday, October 13, 2011

Another Poem in the Ongoing Series About the Fall of 2005

October 12, 2005
Colder yesterday than it has been

Cold in that way that feels
like a flavor
like a color
(pale bluish green)
wet on your face
Cold that makes you understand why we have
cold snaps
but heat waves
those verbs are accurate
heat rolls over you slowly like a wave
whereas cold snaps at your skin
like a teenage boy with a rolled-up towel

Last night I made dinner while Bill wrote a paper
Green beans with walnuts and walnut oil
Tossed some shrimp in there that I’d cooked up in a pan
Ate it with crusty bread and butter and bubbly water
a light meal but the walnut oil was rich and complicated

It’s been a down week at our house
Bill’s had nothing but hard days at school
and if I’m feeling calm it’s because I melted down on Sunday
and have been living since in the stillness that comes after
I keep looking for the
“radiance and glory inside the darkness”
I glimpse it sporadically
sometimes do feel the joy of seeing
a single dark curl behind Bill’s ear
a dark green bowl of bright green beans
new windows at Tiffany’s
brown paper bags
people on the street
silver spoons and pistachio ice cream

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