Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gopnik on Editors

I almost never reread books. But, inspired by traveling around New York with a young child--and by how doing so made me see the city in a new, more human, light--I did feel the urge to go back and read again Through the Children's Gate by the admirable Adam Gopnik.

Much of the book was just as I remembered--lovely smart musings about what it means to raise children in the city. Though there were things I'd forgotten--how much of the book is about September 11th and its aftereffects, for instance (though this should come as no surprise, considering it's a book about the years from 2000-2005), as well as the occasional inserted essay about curious urban phenomenon like wild parrots and server hotels.

I finished the book last night, and it emerged that another thing I'd entirely forgotten was the ending. This turns out to be a hilarious riff on publishers and editors, based on some pithy comments from his six-year old daughter Olivia. I absolutely love this. Read on:

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