Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pantone Day

I've gone on and on here, before, about my excitement about the various Pantone stationary products I've been working on. And now the companion big book, Pantone: The 20th Century in Color is here! My own blogging dad did a great piece on it here, and Alyson Kuhn over at Felt&Wire has also been doing amazing and extensive early coverage. So I'll spare you my own spiel about this, if I do say so myself, fantastic book about the history of color. Instead, I'll share some pics from last Friday's Pantone Day at my office. To celebrate the release of the book we asked each floor of the building to dress in certain colors, and then we had a little party.

Here's what I wore (and Mabel dressed up, too!)

The third floor (design and production) in reds and oranges

The second floor (editorial) in greens and blacks

The first floor (sales, marketing, finance) in blues and purples

The team who worked on the book (plus a certain baby)

The book's designer, and my pal, Brooke, looking amazing


More shoes

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