Friday, October 14, 2011

A Five-Year-Old Girl's Clothing

Today's art book is a five-year-old girl's clothing by Skúta Helgason. This is something I picked up at the New York Art Book Fair the other week. It is just the sort of thing I am into (attentiveness to the quotidian minutiae of life and so forth). Not to mention the fact that the books were being sold by the artist's eleven-year-old daughter: the same five-year-old whose clothing was featured in the book, and because the clothes were hers she would sign the book for you in green sharpie, if you wanted, though she was very conscientious about pointing out the fact that it was her dad's book, not hers.

Once I got it home and did a bit more research it turns out that the book was part of an interesting project the artist did where he set himself the task of making 52 books in 52 weeks (although, as you can read about here, it ended up taking him just a wee bit longer than that). Anyway, I really love this. Enjoy!

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