Monday, October 24, 2011

Out For a Little Walk

Less than two months ago, the notion that Mabel would go out on the sidewalk in front of our apartment without a stroller or a baby carrier and just walk down the block holding her father's hand was an entirely novel and notable one. These days she does it all the time. But that does nothing to diminish how much I like the above image. On a side note--I can say with some certainty, although I don't actually remember, that the object she is pointing and and heading towards outside of the frame is a leaf on the sidewalk. I've come to think that every baby has her own obsession; one baby of my acquaintance loved balloons, another has a thing for ornamental Buddhas. Our baby loves fallen leaves. Which makes this a great time of year for her, even in California where deciduousness (deciduousocity?) is the exception rather than the rule.

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