Wednesday, January 28, 2015

642 Skiddoo!

I had the honor of getting to write a guest post over on the Chronicle Books blog the other day, telling the wild and wonderful story of how the bestselling 642 brand first came to be (hint: we Chronicle-ites cooked it up ourselves). But even more of an honor than penning this particular post, about a subject near and dear to my heart, was the fact that the fine folks who run our blog decided to use some of my very own drawings from my very own copy of 642 Things to Draw to illustrate the post! I have filled in all 642 things in my book over a period of several years, mostly while sitting on phone calls. Most of these drawings are not very good at all (the seagull looks like a penguin, I've given David Bowie his Ziggy Stardust makeup mixed with his Labyrinth hair). And I've mentioned before how intimidating it can be to try and make drawings when you work with amazingly talented illustrators all day long. But in spite of all of that I do have a strange affection for these pictures I've made, and feel quite privileged that they are now out there in the world. And now here, too.

Photo credit goes to the divine Ms. Irene Kim. Those are not my hands.

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