Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The World (and My Kid) in Color

Here's something they don't tell you (or at least no one told me): the Apple and Android versions of Instagram are radically different from one another! The Apple version has all kinds of controls the Android version doesn't have. What the heck? Having recently switched to an iphone, not only have I discovered that the camera is way way better (faster, higher-res, better in low light, etc), but also that now, all of a sudden, when I put my photos into Instagram, I am no longer limited to a choice of preset filters. Now, don't get me wrong, many of the those filters I liked a lot--they made my pictures look quite dreamy and pretty--but all the ones I was fond of also tended to turn everything somewhat grayish. Revisiting this post from October's Grandma/Mamma/Mabel trip to New York shows a good example of what I mean. Lovely? Yes. But is it really how I see the world? Nope. To my eyes the world is a riot of color. And, lo and behold, it turns out that with my new iphone version of Instagram I can make my pictures reflect that personal, subjective, one might almost say impressionistic, reality. I pretty much no longer ever apply filters, instead I up the contrast and the brightness, perhaps tweak the warmth or add a bit of vignetting (none of these were things I could control before), until the photos--in this case a bunch of the kiddo from over winter break--resemble the bright brilliance and magic of the world as exists in my inner eye. Hooray!

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