Friday, January 9, 2015

The North Carolina Museum of Art

The week before winter break we had to travel unexpectedly to North Carolina on a family matter. One day, while Bill took care of some business, Mabel and I visited the North Carolina Museum of Art. True to form, what we most enjoyed were the Contemporary sculpture and Modern painting.

Above one of Roxy Paine's wonderful trees

Massive wooden sculpture by Ursula von Rydingsvard

Motherwell, Giacometti

A quartet of very nice Albers

Kenneth Noland

Helen Frankenthaler (a word to the wise--if I ever visit a modern art museum and don't post a picture of a Frankenthaler, an Albers, or a Rothko, you'll know I've been body-snatched by aliens)

Mabel was particularly enamored of this Frank Stella piece, which it turns out Bill also remembers very fondly from his own childhood visits to this museum

Franz Kline

Gerhard Richter

One of Patrick Dougherty's awesome installations takes over a whole large wall in the museum cafe, and indeed seems to try to even exceed that space

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