Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Other Thing About Just Putting It Out There

I mentioned last week about how I'm trying to work more on a few of my own personal creative projects, evenings and weekends. Ok, so, great. Good for me. But whence the desire to share half-baked (or, let's be honest, more like about three-percent-baked) ideas and process stuff in a public forum, be that here on this site or over on my Instagram? Sure, yes, that's what I'm always telling my author/artists to do--engage with your audience! workshop ideas!--but, even though I have authored two books, I am nevertheless not a professional artist or writer. I do not have a bunch of excited fans champing at the bit to see the next thing I personally make. Like, at all.  But then a clever pal of mine made a very good point to me the other day: another reason to declare your intentions to the world is to keep yourself honest, to be held accountable. The world, or at least your pals in the world, will perhaps come back at some later date in time and say "Hey, whatever happened to that thing you were working on?" and if, by chance, your work on it has flagged, maybe that will be the nudge you need to get back to it.

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