Friday, January 16, 2015

Dead of Winter

My pal the lovely Ms. Tiffanie Turner has curated a show, currently hanging at Rare Device, called Dead of Winter, in which ten artists working in all different media explore themes of death, decay, and dormancy in nature. I hit the opening the other night and can report back that the show is quite fab. If you're here in San Francisco I do recommend checking it out--it's up through the rest of this month. Here are a few of my favorites from among the pieces on show:

Above, Tiffanie's own piece. She usually makes these incredibly vivacious huge paper flowers, but here she's started to explore what might happen as such a flower started to perish. A very exciting development in her work, imho.

Porcelain objects by Jo Boyer

Collage by Danielle Krysa

Wool, steel, and beading piece by Kathryn Clark

Collage by Alejandro Chavetta

Leaves made of hand-knit linen and hand-stitched tyvek by Sonya Philip

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