Friday, February 20, 2015

Keith Haring: The Political Line

Waling through the big Keith Haring show at the de Young, Keith Haring: The Political Line, I felt a little bit like the way I often feel about seeing the work of Impressionist masters in museums. Namely: that my eyes and brain have been so inured by nearly constant exposure to this work on a million posters and tee shirts and coffee mugs and mouse pads over the years that I find it very hard to actually see it. But now and then you come around a corner in a museum and see a great big bright image (we are simple creatures really, and both massive size and bold colors really do help with this endeavor), and for a moment you glimpse both how radically revolutionary it was in its own era, and how visually powerful it remains today. I count myself lucky that I had several such moments at this show.

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