Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Second Year of Pies

In 2013 Bill made all the pies in Emily Hilliard and Elizabeth Graeber's Pie Almanac. In 2014 he decided to continue the project of making a pie a month, but to just go off his own bat and make whatever pie he felt like from whatever recipe-source seemed most apropos. For various reasons the January 2014 pie was considered part of the 2013 project. So here are the other 11 pies he made last year. They were, each and every one, delicious, I can attest.

(above) February: Coconut Dream

March: Sweet Tea Pie

April: Brown Sugar Tarts (his grandmother's recipe, made in a muffin tin in his mother's kitchen in North Carolina)

May: mixed fruit with a cream cheese crust

June: Chocolate Noodle Pie (this was an idea Mabel came up with and, big surprise, no recipe for it exists in the world that we could find--Bill cleverly adapted a recipe for noodle kugel) 

July: Lemon Meringue

August: Hershey Pie (for his own birthday)

September: Pecan Pie

October: Apple Galette 

November: Pumpkin

December: Cranberry


  1. Love it! Does 2015 bring a 3rd year of pies?!

  2. Emily--it does! i had to resist including the Jan and Feb 2015 pies in this post, because they have been AMAZING! xoxo