Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Penultimate Poem in the Very Long Series About the Spring of 2006

May 30, 2006

This weekend was our trip
and my first ever trip to
New York City

which is maybe
one of the coolest things
I’ve ever done in my life
It made me so happy
And I recorded as much as I could
in a travel notebook while we were there

but that is basically just a list
of where we went and what we did
not much of the kind of detail
that I try to capture here

And that was due I think
to sensory overload
There was just so much to see
that it was hard to really
any of it in a precise and minute way
I think I’m ok with that though

There’s certainly something to be said
for the grand wash of impressions and colors and shapes
especially when it comes to
something big and new and exceptional
It’s in the everyday that I feel the need to seek out the little
or else run the risk of thinking it’s all the same
all mundane
and missing much

image source is here

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