Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Our "New" "House"

I can't help it. I always call our apartment our "house" and ever since we redid things here this past summer I now call it our "new house." Long story short--Mabel needed a room of her own and in the current state of the state in San Francisco you do not want to move out of a rent controlled apartment. So we hired a handyman to put up a partition across our large living room (which luckily had two doors into it plus a closet at one end), making a smaller living room plus a room for Mabel. We rearranged all our furniture and bought a new sofa, rug, chair, desk, couple of bookshelves, big girl bed, and an amazing piece of wall art--a giant paper peony (Mabel's middle name is Peony) from artist Tiffanie Turner. I've been meaning to show you this all ever since, but there were just a few loose ends to finish up. But now, now, it is all really and truly done; we've been living in it for half a year and I LOVE it; and I finally actually found a time when I was home and it was sunny to take pictures. So, here you go. A home tour! Fun!

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  1. Do your book spines fade because of the sunlight? That's one of my weird anxieties. I keep most books in a room that gets the least sunlight.