Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Talking to People, Drinking Coffee, Walking Around

Just realized I haven't done an update in a little while of all the cool and random things I get to do as a result of being ye olde Art Book Editor at Chronicle Books. So, here goes!

Last month I was a portfolio reviewer for graduating seniors at CCA. It was at their San Francisco campus where, amazingly, I'd never been before, and which I really enjoyed visiting.

Then the other week I spoke with with one of my authors, the photographer Toni Greaves, on a panel of distinguished folks (the other speakers were Eileen Gittins of Blurb and the photographer Luis Delgado), to a lovely audience, about different publishing models at Photo Alliance's "Photo Books Today" Symposium at the San Francisco Art Institute

I got mail from artists, which is always just the best. 

I remembered how much I adore this old Chronicle catalog cover, which hangs in a frame on the wall in one of the office hallways, along with all the other catalog covers going back to the dawn of time. 

Then this morning I went and edited galleys (with a pencil no less! although, sorry to disappoint, it was a green, not a red, pencil) over at coffee at Four Barrel coffee in the Mission.

And then I went on a lovely little retail strolling field trip with my Art colleagues up and down Valencia Street, including the divine Little Paper Planes shop, which I just adore.

I am a lucky girl.

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