Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Ongoing Poem Series About Being Newly Married to a First Year Teacher in the Fall of 2005 Continues

November 7, 2005
Saturday Bill and I went for a walk

Headed out through Chinatown on Stockton Street
past dozens of ladies shopping for vegetables
from hundreds of bins on the sidewalk
each bin with a little fluttery paper sign
announcing prices almost all in cents rather than dollars
Many were filled with things you know
asparagus, persimmons, bok choy
but just as many or more
contained mysterious lumpy or spiny shapes in shades of yellow and green
things we’d never seen before in our lives

Next we walked around Washington Square Park
admired the white church against the bright blue sky
watched women doing tai chi and something with swords
and something with fans that snapped open crack!
Got chocolate truffles at the truffle store
and walked along eating chocolates flavored like
earl gray tea and red wine
out of a crinkly paper bag

Found ourselves headed towards Fisherman’s Wharf
and decided to visit the Balclutha as Bill had never been
the sunlight spangled off the water
and white sails dipped in the distance
We admired the clear deep massy colors
of the paint and brass and varnished wood and black tar on the tall ship

Afterwards we had clam strips and fried prawns sitting on a bench
and walked home straight up over the huge hill on Jones Street
Such an afternoon
happy together
with abundant sunshine
and so much to look at
Such abundance

Sunday was a whole different thing
much harder
but worth it
I suddenly discovered some anger about all the errands and housework I do
Fear of becoming a miserable docile housewife
And exasperation with the whole situation really
And Bill was mad too
trapped and tired and frustrated as his job makes him
And there was yelling
Most days I’d say this was
a bad thing
but this was so clearly a case of catharsis
that I have nothing to say against it
Better to let it out
And then to have baths and Chinese take-out in the evening
Better to go to bed feeling fatigued
but cleansed

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