Friday, October 21, 2011

Lower Polk Art Walk

The whole family had a great time last night at the Lower Polk Art Walk--such a great casual DIY neighborhood vibe to the whole thing. But I'm afraid the images in this post hardly do the whole thing justice--some cool things we saw I can't find images on line for at all (especially the murals, but even some gallery shows), and for others I haven't been able to find my favorite pieces. Ah well, next time I'll know to take more of my own photos. Above, Ferris Plock at The Shooting Gallery.

Casey Gray at White Walls

 Alex Braubach at Lopo Gallery

A fantastic pop-up group show called "Vacancy" in an empty store front at Polk and Bush (very little info about this to be found online, sadly).

Jonathan Rucio at The Popular Workshop

Mural by Jet Martinez on Cedar Alley

Unidentified mural on Hemlock Alley 

Brand new mural by Dray Wilmore on Hemlock Alley (he also had a great one-night-only show up at Lopo)

Samantha Lee's work on display in the "Artists in the Alley" outdoor gallery on Fern

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