Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Books on the Table

The other day on SF Girl by Bay I spotted this photo from Lonny Magazine of the "Manhattan atelier apartment" of painter Mary Nelson Sinclair. At our house, we've been engaged in a huge and ongoing book-weeding project lately (about which you will hear more anon, no doubt). We have a lot, and I do mean a lot, of books. Even when we are done with the current Big Weed, we will still have a ton of books. And I therefore found this photo so encouraging. Here's why: there are stacks off books all over a surface, and it looks charming, rather than crazy or cluttered or overwhelming. I always think I want to have at least a few of my many art books out where we, or other people, can look at them. But I worry that it can pretty quickly verge into mounded-up, junk-shop, I-can't-find-anywhere-to-put-down-my-glass territory. But as this photo demonstrates, clearly it can be done. Look to see this treatment worked into the new Watson Payne book arrangement before too long.

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