Tuesday, October 16, 2012


On Saturday we had the honor of helping out with my mother's retirement party. After a stint as a high school teacher back in Illinois, and then several years as a stay-at-home mom with me when I was little, she then proceeded to teach seventh and eighth grade language arts and history at the same school (which I also happened to attend) for twenty-eight years. Quite an impressive run. Needless to say, old alums, colleagues, and parents turned out in droves to wish her well in the festively decorated church hall. It was fun for me to get to see so many faces from the old days; Mabel had a great time playing with balloons; and I'm hopeful my mom caught a glimmer of how much her warmth and instruction have meant to many, many kids over the years.

In all the hullabaloo I just managed to take a single digital photo, at top, and grab one from my dad, at bottom (source is here). The only shot I got that actually includes my dear mother is an adorable Polaroid which will be reveled here in due course, but not today.

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