Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dreaming of Snow

One day last week, when it was already hot as hell, even in the dark of the six a.m. breakfast table, in the book I was reading, The Interrogative Mood by Padgett Powell, I read this:

"If something could happen right now that is not likely to or impossible but that would really cheer you up if it did, just light you up like a child again, what would it be?"

And I surprised myself with an immediate and certain mental answer:

A snow day.

(With the caveat that I would have to be aware that the snow was a magical wish-fulfillment type occurrence, because if I was not aware of that fact then I'd just get all freaked out about global warming and that would certainly take all the fun out of it).

(But Powell's book--which purports to be a novel but is really just an endless series of amusing and intriguing questions, but which nevertheless I do recommend--is full of caveats and loopholes and niceties like that, so I felt well within my rights to insert one into my answer).

And all of this gave me the chance to present the above image, from one of my current very favorite tumblrs, The Ash Heap Millionairess.

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