Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Goings On About Town

There's nothing like Litquake to make you wish there were more hours in the day. As anyone engaged in the famous/infamous work/motherhood balancing act (or, really, just the work/life balancing act for that matter) knows: weeknight evenings are short, sacred, and tend to fill up fast. Most nights I'm home with the Mabel by six and we have a couple of hours to play and eat and bathe and put her down, then an hour or so to get things done, and then another hour or so to crash with a book or a movie, and then bed. But October is a busy time in this town and I was out late at an art-related event one night last week, will be doing the same again two nights this week, and once again next week. All of which means I won't be making it to two delightful sounding panels relating to The Book. One was last night at City Lights about West Coast book reviewing, and the other is next week at Zinc Details, sponsored by Anthology and featuring my pal and colleague Kate Woodrow, on the lately always very lively subject of print publishing. Sometimes cultural life around here really can feel like the classic kid-in-the-candystore dilemma: too many goodies and not enough time. That said, I love my evenings with my family, and I must admit I wouldn't trade them in for any amount of publishing brain stimulation. Sorry, publishing, it's not you, it's me.

Image source for City Lights photo is here.

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