Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Birthday Gift Wrap

One thing about working at a visual book publisher is that there is a lot of paper lying around. And not just any old paper. Attractive paper! Galleys, proof-sheets, magazines, or, in the case of the above, the back page of the utterly fabulous Marimekko newspaper. And, why yes, I do have a supply of strings and twines and ribbons in my desk drawer, why do you ask? All of which meant that when my Mama's birthday gift arrived in the mail here at my office I could just wrap it up at my desk with ease and delight.

And then when she and the fam picked me up from work yesterday so we could take her out for a birthday dinner, what should I find but that she and Mabel had both unintentionally, presciently, color coordinated their outfits with the gift-wrap!

My mother turned 70 yesterday. Here is one of my favorite old photos of her, from her high school graduation (to compare and contrast this with my own graduation photo, see here). Happy birthday Mama!!

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