Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Launching Spring 2014

I've talked at some length before, here and here, about the publishing ritual known as Launch, where all us editors get up and give presentations about all our new books to all the sales people. Suffice it to say a huge amount of preparation goes into it and when the day arrives, as it did yesterday for our Spring 2014 books, coming into work carries with it a bit of a heightened sense of drama.

And this is what it looks like. My lovely colleague Peter took the above photo of my other lovely colleague Kate presenting (I'm the tiny blonde blob to Kate's left).

And after it was all over we had a much-deserved glass of wine. Photo credit for this one goes to Lia, yet another lovely coworker of mine. (If it seems like I have an almost unlimited supply of lovely coworkers, that's because I really do). 

And when I got home, feeling celebratory but simultaneously wiped-out, what should I discover but that Bill had made June's pie from the Pie Almanac (as part of the pie-a-month project I discussed here on Monday). Cherry! One of my favorites.