Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Take That, Sexism!

This is so awesome. Fiction author Maureen Johnson got sick of the chick lit covers her publisher kept putting on her books and started a protest project called Coverflip. Users create new covers for (mostly very famous) novels by men, showing how they might be packaged today if they were by a woman writer or targeted at female (particularly young female) readers. Of course part of the point here is that those two things (1. by a woman and 2. marketed exclusively to women) often mean the exact same thing. I still don't understand how the world we live in seems to be getting more and more sexist, rather than less so, but at least we can be encouraged by the fact that more and more often people are noticing and commenting and not taking it sitting down. Our bra-burning moms would be proud. Of course one of the main differences about feminism today (and make no mistake, that's what this is) is that it comes with a sense of humor. Personally, I find these covers hilarious (if also quite chilling). See for yourself:

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