Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Extra Malty

The other weekend Mabel discovered the milkshake, a delicacy she took to with gusto (see below). One of the ancillary benefits of having a kid is that you get to try and raise them up to enjoy your own weirdo tastes and pleasures in life. Hence this girl is not drinking vanilla milkshakes, oh no. She is drinking extra malty vanilla malts. Because one of the myriad things Bill and I agree on is that this is the best type of milkshake known to man. And how much do I love the notation the guys at the takeout place we frequent (Pearl's Deluxe Burger to the masses, known privately to Mabel as The Pickle Store) made on the cup above? Oh so very, very much.

Photo credit for top image: Benjamin Watson (with thanks)

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